Mechanics of the Heart

It’s February and Love is in the Air……..

So it came as no surprise when Mr. and Mrs. Q’s helpful and reliable reconnaissance droid, MM7, starting to ask the questions all robots inevitably ask, “What is Love?” and “How do you know you’re loved?”

Yes, the City Adventurers were back at Cluequest for another mission. This time we had to help MM7 focus on his daily mission, ie to help save the world from the villainous network of the Evil Professor. It seems MM7 was a little distracted, trying to decipher the complex puzzle that is love…..

We started by downloading the PDF’s and cutting out the game. There are less pages to print at home for this mission, but again you can have it printed and sent to you. They even offer a gift wrapped version for you to play with your significant other.

We worked our way through a series of tasks set by MM7 to help answer the question of “What is Love?” There were a good mixture of puzzles, following the theme, from the first spark of romance, through passion to companionship. The mission ended with a final “What is love” exam.

In addition, this game included a quick visual puzzle that we liked and a flirtatious MM7 popping up between tasks. We over complicated one puzzle, that led to a “kick me” moment when we checked the hints. Another puzzle required audio, that we had problems with, so had to use a hint to solve it.

All in all, this was a fun print and play escape game. We managed to pass the final exam and finished in 01:29:01 (Cluequest suggest a time of 90 minutes to complete).  

This story is rated 3.5 / 5 for difficulty. The same rating as Humanity 2.0 and timeQuest. It’s slightly easier than Survival Escape Training (3.14/5). This is much more our level. Consequently, we found this game a lot more enjoyable than Prison of Memories – Part I (5/5).

Recommended for two players.

Up to the challenge? Buy your copy of Mechanics of the Heart from

Disclosure: clueQuest kindly provided City Adventurers/Treasure Hunts in London reviewers with a complimentary play. This does not impact our opinion on the review.

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