The Haunting of Harlequin House

A few weeks ago we became the proud new owners of Harlequin House. I must say the Estate Agent from Clue Cracker seemed a little on edge as he welcomed us to our new place on moving day……

OK, so we hadn’t really bought an old haunted house.

In fact we were playing another of Clue Crackers amazing online escape room puzzles – The Haunting of Harlequin House

This one concerns the spirit of a missing girl that haunts Harlequin House. Our job was to discover her story by following a trail of secret messages and coded clues. Would we be brave enough to trace this poor child’s history? Well, we didn’t have to be too brave as, although the game is spooky, it also contains some wonderful comic touches.

Nothing that would to give you nightmares. Although there were a few jump scares along the way!

To start we needed to enter the house and make our way through the rooms following the trail. Yes, it is a linear game requiring us to enter a password or code to move further through the house. Every right answer enabled the “next” button to be clickable. If it wasn’t, we needed to check our answer.

There were a good mix of puzzles, with images and video clips leading the way. Some of the videos added to the story, while others contained a puzzle to be solved. The puzzles themselves included a mix of logic, observation, maths, word-games and codes.

All the answers were available within the game, so no need for Google. Although we did not use the hint system, there was one available. (For players that got stuck, the hint system offered a cryptic clue, then an obvious clue, before revealing the answer, so you could move on. )

Unlike their other online games, for this Clue Cracker adventure we needed to keep a note of all our answers throughout the 90 minute game. All became clear at the end, as the whole game builds into a fantastic meta puzzle, that ties everything together in a thrilling finale.

A fantastic game to play. And yes we completed it in 87 minutes, 59 seconds.

Another recommended Clue Cracker adventure.

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