Trials of Wisdom

City Adventurers were challenged to “Escape The House” set in the Sydney Opera House. This virtual escape room was designed by Escape This Podcast. The puzzles are fairly difficult but completing them gives you a real sense of achievement.

The story begins when your show finishes and the audience are leaving the building. Instead of exiting with everyone else, you decide to find out what is behind a door with a sparkling stained glass window……….Now you are locked inside the Sydney Opera House and need to escape before security find you.

To get the door open you need to give a series of passwords over the phone. To solve the puzzles and get the passwords you have a search a number of rooms for clues.

We found it a great afternoon of puzzle solving (and learning about ballet!)

Trials of Wisdom: Virtual Escape Room

To try this for yourself visit :-

Although the game is free to play, they would like donations to the Sydney Opera House

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