The crystal maze online adventure

The Crystal Maze Online Adventure is a fan-made, free to play game aimed at the Escape Room community. It is a fan-made game inspired by the Crystal Maze and has no connection the British and/or American version or their parent companies. This game is free and does not incur a charge to play.

City Adventurers spotted there was an online Crystal Maze adventure. Just like the live Crystal Maze game we visited in London, this adventure features a range of challenges spread over four-zones. For each challenge successfully completed, teams win a “time crystal” for “The Crystal Dome” at the centre of the maze.

You can book a fan-made game for teams of 3-6 players. Games are moderated by a Maze Master, who determines which zones are to be played. Although fans have created games across six Zones (Aztec, Eastern, Futuristic, Industrial, Medieval, and Ocean) the route will only visit four of the six.

They are only able to host one team per day, between Monday-Friday, due to Maze Master scheduling. Each group of twelve teams enter a series and compete for a position on the leader board. Over lockdown teams made up of multiple households playing together were encouraged.

Unfortunately, we were too late to book onto the next Series.

However, the website offered the option of playing without a host. I know, right?

So I contacted the crystal maze online team and asked if City Adventurers could run the game ourselves. They kindly sent me the download link for the Maze Master Manual and we were good to go.


Having downloaded the Maze Master Manual and elected myself to be Maze Master, I invited a team of adventurers to join me on Zoom.

The team had played various escape rooms, and played the Crystal Maze together. However they were a little sceptical on how this online game would work. I think they were also a bit concerned on how I’d manage being a virtual games master, despite my years of experience as an actual games master!

As Maze Masters must know what to expect, I read through the pack ahead of the game and had made necessary preparations. There are four preset zones for a host-your-own game. They all include the four types of puzzle – Mental, Skill, Physical, Mystery.

Spread across three houses the team wondered how they would work together, but it’s not a problem. Just like the physical game, the team elect one member to play and the others can shout out suggestions to them.

The only thing that I had problems with was the Crystal Dome itself. I’m sure I didn’t allow my team as much time as they’d won in the Crystal Dome. They had won all the challenges within the allotted time, did not get anyone locked in, so ended up with the maximum time possible. Even if I did cut their time short, they still ended up loads and loads of gold tokens (350 Gold less 130 silver ones) at then end.

There was no prize, as they were playing for glory. And they certainly won a lot of Glory.

The team all agreed it was a fun afternoon that worked better than they expected (thanks Guys). They especially liked the scavenger hunt challenge. Well done to the writers/fans.

crystal maze online

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