Online Adventures From Escape Room Herndon

Escape Room Herndon: Potter’s Escape

During lockdown we played this online game based the first Harry Potter book. We found it much better than the other Harry Potter themed game we played online. With 12 fairly straight forward puzzles, there was a helpful hint system (plus some questions gave an “I give up, give me the answer please” option!). Unfortunately this game appears to have been removed from their website.

potters escape - Escape Room Herndon

Still available:

Escape Room Herndon: Back To The Present

This online game has puzzles based on various 1980s movies. Again you have 12 puzzles of varying difficulty.

You play as an inventor who has invented time-travel within their own lifetime. However, when you “leapt”, you found yourself transported into an ‘80s movie. You must fix what is wrong by solving puzzles. Once you have the correct answer, you will be allowed to leap into a new reality. Each page has its own soundtrack. A little strange, but adds to the atmosphere I suppose, just like having music in a real escape room.

With each leap, you hope that your next leap will be the leap home.

Quantum Leap GIF from tenor

Play it while its available at


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