Pop-punk Pandemonium

Be The Escape have developed a couple of virtual escape games. We checked out their free Pop-Punk Pandemonium. This game is aimed at ages 14+.

You have to search your friends room to find his VIP pass. Each puzzle contains two or three images that lead you to find a code to get you onto the next screen. This is a good introduction to the Be The Escape games.

Pop-Punk Pandemonium Plot

It’s almost showtime and your best friend won a VIP pass for a local pop-punk music festival. Unfortunately at security check-in, he realized he left it at home and now he can’t get in!

Your buddy requests that you meet him at the fairground with pass in hand but he doesn’t remember where he left it! Can you jam your way through his room and find it before the show begins?



Also available are two games aimed at the over 18’s.  

The free Devil’s Den Game contains drug references and the paid-for Premium Escape Game Mistress Make Off finds you under the thumb of a debaucherous dominatrix. All are available at Be The Escape games

Join City Adventurers and solve puzzles…..

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