Exit the game – The House of Riddles

During Lockdown I ordered a number of escape-room-in-a-box games. The House of Riddles was another game by EXIT games. This one was a medium hard level, which was good as there was only two of us playing it.

Exit the game - The House of Riddles - Photo by Juliamaud

Exit the game – The House of Riddles – Photo by Juliamaud

Again the box contains an information booklet and few decks of cards. You can only play the EXIT Games once, as some of the puzzles require you to cut up or fold components.

For this game, you have received an invitation from your three investigator friends to visit their House of Riddles. However, when you arrive your friends are nowhere to be seen. Worse than that, the door shuts behind you and you are trapped. The only way you can get out is to solve the riddles and find your friends.

To help you, you have a cipher disc. When you enter the correct three digit code into the cipher disc, you will be given more riddle cards to help you on your way. Get it wrong and you have to try again. Hints can be obtained from the hint deck, which contains three cards per puzzle. We found this easier than some of their games and only needed to get a clue for a couple of puzzles towards the end of the game.

There is an extra element of puzzle in this game as some of the tasks involve physical challenges. A nice twist, we thought.

Give it a try. We enjoyed it.

Available from Amazon at https://amzn.to/2Qqek6c

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