Escape From Home Online Adventures

An Online Escape Adventure without leaving the sofa

Escape From Home offer online adventures to play on your computer.
We tried out two of three free games currently available.
Each page contains a puzzle to solve to take you to then next page. If you enter an answer that is incorrect, you can go back to the previous page by clicking back on your browser and looking at the hints. There are hints available for each puzzle, but the ones we tried were aimed at a family audience and were not difficult. 

The Egyptian Escape

Start with the Egyptian Escape adventure. This adventure is rated easy and leads you in to the idea of escaping from being stuck in isolation at home.

A Pirate’s Problem

The second game is A Pirate’s Problem adventure.  This is set the following week. Again this is rated easy.

Global Gateway

We have yet to play Global Gateway . This adventure is set on week three of the lockdown and is rated medium.

Give them a try at 

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