A New Year’s Revelation

Our group played A New Year’s Revelation to welcome in the New Year


A New Year’s Revelation Plot

The action  for this murder mystery takes place just after the First World War.

There had been a gathering in 1918 to celebrate the end of the war and to mark the safe return of the Richman family. What should have been a happy affair, however, turned to tragedy.

Lady Maria Richman mysteriously died at the family party.

A year on, her widower thinks he knows who killed her.

It is now 1919 and Sir Mortimer has once again called the family together. This time he is promising a revelation…….

…..But it seems at least one person wants him to remain silent!


A New Year’s Revelation - photo by Juliamaud
A New Year’s Revelation – photo by Juliamaud

This game can be played by 6 to 8 players. Originally written for 6 players, as there are two deceased characters they can be played by extra guests.

Join City Adventurers and see if you can catch the killer…..

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