Escape Land adventure (original location)

A number of Escape Games that were reviewed on Invitation To Events blog have moved location or closed since they were played by ITM Games Teams.

Originally posted on Invitation To Events in 2015

Escape Land has moved to 37-39 Oxford Street, London W1D 2DU

The story behind the Escape Land adventure is that scientists have developed the technology for time travel. As a result, controversial laws have been introduced prohibiting its use and some rebel scientists have used it to take refuge in the 1900s.

Now the rebels have managed to open a portal that will suck a small group of people into the Steampunk era.

This small group of time travellers will only have an hour to free themselves or be lost forever.

Escape Land Adventure
Escape Land Adventure

And so the adventure begins……

… you and your team become the small group of people sent through the portal.Trapped in a Steampunk themed space, you must embark on solving the puzzles in your bid to escape.

Your task involves exiting not just one, but two connected rooms full of inter-connected puzzles and locks to escape. A large clock ticks away your time, adding to the pressure.

The puzzles themselves are inventive with a mixture of code breaking, logic and physical problems. Designed to keep you fully occupied, it’s easy to find yourself (or should that be loose yourself) completely engrossed in trying to decipher the prop-based problems.

With varying levels of difficulty, everyone gets to contribute, mentally and/or physically. For example, the hands-on challenges sometimes require you to physically work together. At other times, it’s more practical to split up and attempt clues individually, asking for suggestions and sharing knowledge across the room. Can get noisy in there!

Some puzzles are tougher than others but all are solvable. This is an important consideration. Getting stuck can turn a fun activity into a frustrating one. don’t worry about getting stuck at Escape Land. The host is watching your every move and is available at the end of a walkie talkie to offer hints if you need them. He even offered us advice when we went too deeply into one puzzle making it far more complicated than it actually was.

Escape Land may seem a little off the beaten track but it’s close to Cambridge Heath rail station and only a short walk from Bethnal green tube station. Escape Land has moved to37-39 Oxford Street, London W1D 2DU

Escape Land Adventure
Escape Land Adventure

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