Wands at the ready!

A magical afternoon tea in Central London.

Running through the rain in Soho one summers afternoon we arrived at Cutter & Squidge, London’s only 100% all natural bakery. They make everything from scratch and use British ingredients and British producers.

While the ground floor holds the bakery and tea room, their basement holds a surprise. 

Entrance to potions room - photo by juliamaud
Entrance to potions room

Descending the stairs of  we found ourselves entering into a magical world. This was the potion class at Wizard school and we were about to experience a very special 2 hour Afternoon Tea.

First we needed to get cloaked up.

Apprentice Wizards
Apprentice Wizards

Then we were seated at a school-style desk for 2. The room is arranged as a classroom with everyone in tables of two apart from the table for three at the back.

Once we were all seated our Potions Master introduced himself as Professor Engelbert Slaptyback. He told us he would be teaching our session.

Professor Engelbert Slaptyback
Professor Engelbert Slaptyback

Soon he had us whisking up potions and concoctions. During the “lesson” he paced the room, giving suggestions and awarding compliments……and tokens.

Then our tea arrived. We chose Unicorn Tears tea and Elixir of Life tea.

Unicorn Tears tea and Elixir of Life tea
Unicorn Tears tea and Elixir of Life tea

This was followed by sandwiches and cakes.

Magical Afternoon Tea

After tea there was another surprise.

Enjoying a magical afternoon tea
Enjoying a magical afternoon tea

A truly magical afternoon tea.

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