Puzzle Cards

What do you get the puzzler who has everything for their birthday?

Why not send them a Puzzle Card!

Produced by the Puzzle Card company, there are currently 3 cards on sale. The cards are excellent quality and add a twist to the normal birthday greeting.

puzzle cards - photo by juliamaud
Puzzle Cards – photo by juliamaud

Escape the Room Card

This is the first in the Puzzle Card series and is based on an escape room. You are told you have awoken to find yourself locked in a strange room. Your task is to find a password to escape. You must solve the clues found on the card to identify the password. Then you can enter it online to see if you are correct.

Internet access is required to enter your solution for all the cards. It is also how you can obtain hints to the puzzles.

Crack the Safe Card

This time you awake to find you have been locked in your bedroom. Not only that, but your belongings have been moved and there is now an old fashioned safe in your room. Your task is to crack the safe combination. To do this you must solve a series of clues hidden in images throughout the card.

Again, once you have the code you must enter it online.

Murder on the line

“Murder on the line” is not an escape room puzzle. It’s a quick-to-solve murder mystery.

The story begins when the five carriage Wensley Express train leaves the station carrying a group of suspicious passengers. Unfortunately one of the passenger, poor Ms Bouvais, is not going to reach her intended station.


Because there is murder on the line!

So now you have one victim and four possible suspects. Your task is to deduce which of the passengers was to blame. All the clues and answers can be found by studying the card. These are text and image based puzzles. Once you have deduced the murderer, you need to enter your solution to the Puzzle Card website to see if you are correct.

We found the puzzles fairly easy, but there are hints available online if you need them.

Puzzle Cards Gift Pack - photo by Juliamaud
Puzzle Cards Gift Pack – photo by Juliamaud

Looking for a present to go with the card?

As well as selling puzzle cards, the Puzzle Card company offers gift packages. The Escape Room Gift Package includes the Escape Room card and a choice of Exit game. 

Having seen their other cards, and played other Exit Games, I had no hesitation in ordering the  Murder Mystery Gift Package for my husband. This includes the Murder Mystery Puzzle Card and the Exit game “Exit: Dead Man on the Orient Express”.

Coming soon

It looks like the next puzzle card will be moving into treasure hunt territory. Solve the Treasure of Evelon Island Card is the next card being planned. So keep a look out for it.

Happy puzzling!


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