Discovering an unusual museum in Southport

Lawnmowers – a very British obsession?

Did you know the lawnmower was invented in Gloucester by Edwin Beard Budding in 1830? He was deemed a madman for making such a contraption and had to test his machine at night so no one would see him.

But Budding was not mad at all and his machine revolutionised gardening.

Britain began making the best lawnmowers in the world. Sadly it seems this great piece of British engineering is less cutting edge and more heritage now on the world stage.

Talking of heritage, Britain does have the world’s only lawnmower Museum.

The British Lawnmower Museum

the British Lawnmower Museum - photo by Juliamaud
The British Lawnmower Museum – photo by Juliamaud

Where would you expect to find such a place? Gloucester, as it was home to Edwin Beard Budding? Kent, maybe, as its the Garden of  England? No, it’s actually based in Southport on Merseyside.

106-114 Shakespeare Street, a short distance from Southport town centre,  is where you will find this  museum of garden machinery, not just lawnmowers.

Brian Radam, an ex-racing champion, started the museum, which sees more than 5,000 people visit every year. It was Brian’s dream to showcase vintage lawnmowers. His museum specialises in antique garden machinery and supplys parts, archive conservation of manuscript materials and values machines from all over the world.

It houses housing over 200 restored exhibits. These include machines and equipment owned by the rich and famous. You may have seen Lee Mack talking about his contribution to the collection on TV.

Lawnmowers owned by Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Brian May and Paul O’Grady are in there too. This museum is a unique tribute to the garden machine industry over the last 200 years.

Visit The British Lawnmower Museum

Brian May's mower - photo by Juliamaud

Brian May’s mower – photo by Juliamaud

Paul O'Grady's pink push mower - photo by Juliamaud
Paul O’Grady’s pink push mower – photo by Juliamaud

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