Science Gallery London

Science Gallery London is a cultural destination designed to connect art, science and health in one space. This new “museum” is at the Guy’s campus of King’s College London at London Bridge and is free to enter. As well as the exhibitions, there is a shop and a cafe.

We stumbled across it as we were leaving London Bridge station so dropped in to see what it contained.

It is not a conventional museum, but rather a collection of exhibitions, events, performances, workshops, debates and festivals. The gallery does not have a permanent collection but offers themed seasons, focusing on issues of global significance. The first season tackles addiction and recovery.

The goal is to attract over 300,000 visitors a year, especially 15 to 25 year olds.

Professor Ed Byrne, President & Principal of King’s College London, is quoted as saying: “Science Gallery London will open new ways into King’s, inviting our local communities and visitors from around the world to come into the university to connect with, explore and contribute to the generation of new knowledge”.


Extract from the

The launch season HOOKED: WHEN WANT BECOMES NEED explores the complex world of addiction and recovery. From gambling to gaming and smartphones to social media, HOOKED will question what makes us vulnerable to addiction and examine underlying factors and routes to recovery. The exhibition invites visitors to explore the latest research and thinking on the subject as well as question their own ideas about the scientific and cultural aspects of this much-debated topic.

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