Think you’ve got what it takes to stop a runaway train?

London’s first ever two player escape game is called 2 Tickets 2 Ride. It is produced by Clue Adventures, who also produce Book of Secrets. Set under railway arches between Limehouse and Mile End, the game was inspired by the overground rumbling above the venue and the Elizabeth line planned to run below.

The plot

The story goes that a mad man is threatening to sink London into the ground.

You and your partner must work together to find out who this mad man and his gang are and to stop his evil plan. To do this you will have to comply with his orders and solve the puzzles he has set.

As the adventure is set on the London underground, you’ll wear wireless headphones to communicate. The two of you must work your way from station platform, to train and back to street level relying on your puzzle solving skills.

Will you be able to stop a runaway train and save London?



Another recommended adventure by  Clue Adventures.

Clue Adventures co-founder and producer Paul Andrews. Photos by Holly Cant


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