Month: March 2017

Park Life Easter Treasure Hunts

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Get your thinking caps and comfy shoes on and come exploring Lambeth parks 

This Easter bring your friends and family on a treasure hunt through the parks of Vauxhall.

As well as some large parks, find smaller areas that are like an oasis within the dense urban setting. Discover nature. Not just trees, flowers and plants, but animals and insects along the way.

Oh, and did I mention that the clues for this hunt will be Haiku’s?

Vauxhall Treasure Hunt by Treasure Hunts in London

Tickets are available for

Friday 14th April and Saturday 15th April

Park Life Easter Treasure Hunt by Treasure Hunts in London

Friday 14th April 2017


Park Life Easter Treasure Hunt by Treasure Hunts in London


Saturday 15th April 2017


On Tour

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Treasure Hunts in London went On Tour with a special Music themed treasure hunt around the National Museum in Cardiff.

Tasked with finding answers to music questions the teams searched for answers.


organ by juliamaud

The hunt ended at a nearby pub with chocolate prizes for all.


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