Looking for somewhere to explore this weekend?

February is the month for romance.

And  just because Valentine’s Day is over, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking for love.

On 18th February 2017, Treasure Hunts In London are running their Love And Marriage Treasure Hunt At The Tate Britain.

Love And Marriage Treasure Hunt

Come and explore this top London art gallery on a full afternoon of entertainment.

Start by exploring the collection held by The Tate Britain. You will be armed with a pack of clues that will lead you to art on the theme of Love and Marriage. It won’t be a guided walk. You will be expected to HUNT for the TREASURE. You’ll have to solve cryptic clues and puzzles to work out what you are hunting for. Then you’ll have to search the building to find the art works location. Once you’ve found it you’ll have to answer the question to win the points.

After the hunt, it’s a short walk to the after hunt drinks and prize giving.

With a full three hours of fun, what’s not to love?

Book your tickets today!

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