How does a Treasure Hunts In London hunt work?

Treasure Hunts In London logo
Treasure Hunts In London

Is it like a guided walk through the museum?

No , this is a Treasure Hunt, not a guided walk. You will be required to HUNT for the TREASURE (which is the collection held within the V & A Museum).

  • You will have to solve the cryptic clue or puzzle to determine the object you are hunting.
  • Then you have to find the objects location within a top museum or gallery.
  • Once you’ve found the object you can answer the question about it to win the points.  

What happens after the hunt?

We rendezvous so that Treasure hunts in London staff can mark the answer sheets, announce the results and award prizes to the winning team.

Depending on the hunt, this can be sharing drinks at a wine bar, or indulging in cream tea. For private hunts we can even arrange to add on meals.

Where can I join a hunt?

You can hire us for a private hunt or join one of our hunts.

Can I take part in a Treasure Hunts In London Adventure?

Yes, you can. Visit our website, for more details.

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