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Escape from Standfast Prison

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Jail Break is a new escape game by Clue Cracker that has just opened in Dreamland, Margate.

It appears you have committed a heinous crime and your punishment is life imprisonment without parole. Consequently, you have been transferred to Standfast Jail, Margate.

Prisoner being told the rules by Prison Guard. Photo by Juliamaud
Prisoner being told the rules by Prison Guard. Photo by Juliamaud

With no chance of parole, your only hope for freedom is escape…….and it just so happens that 30 years ago, another prisoner also attempted to escape. Terrance Swift was held in the prison for five years and, during that time,created an elaborate escape plan which he executed in 1986. Unfortunately he was caught red handed attempting to steal the Warden’s keys. Will you be any luckier?

Unlike some other games, the Games Masters are in costume. As the story revolves around an escape from jail, all the Games Masters are in prison guard uniforms. Players, being the prisoners, are required to wear stylish orange jump suits.

The prison guards brief you on the cell you are about to enter and who used to occupy it. As luck would have it, you have been allocated Terrance Swift’s cell and he has left a trail of intricate clues and codes to help lead you to freedom.

Once you are locked in you have 45 minutes to escape from Standfast Prison. To do this you must crack codes,  find keys, unscramble words and complete puzzle tasks.

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Photos by Visit Thanet
Photos by Visit Thanet


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How does a Treasure Hunts In London hunt work?

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Treasure Hunts In London logo
Treasure Hunts In London

Is it like a guided walk through the museum?

No , this is a Treasure Hunt, not a guided walk. You will be required to HUNT for the TREASURE (which is the collection held within the V & A Museum).

  • You will have to solve the cryptic clue or puzzle to determine the object you are hunting.
  • Then you have to find the objects location within a top museum or gallery.
  • Once you’ve found the object you can answer the question about it to win the points.  

What happens after the hunt?

We rendezvous so that Treasure hunts in London staff can mark the answer sheets, announce the results and award prizes to the winning team.

Depending on the hunt, this can be sharing drinks at a wine bar, or indulging in cream tea. For private hunts we can even arrange to add on meals.

Where can I join a hunt?

You can hire us for a private hunt or join one of our hunts.

Can I take part in a Treasure Hunts In London Adventure?

Yes, you can. Visit our website, for more details.

Touch and Go with Ri Lates

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A chance to play with the latest technologies and discover science at The Royal Institution



This “adults-only” event allowed us to explore aspects of touch. Until this event I had not heard of Haptic technologies. Haptic comes from the Greek “haptesthai,” meaning to touch. Scientists have been studying haptics for decades. They know what kind of receptors are in the skin and how nerves shuttle information back and forth between the central nervous system and the point of contact. Now haptic technologies are recreating the sense of touch and have revolutionised everything from robotics to medical training.

A team of psychologists from University College London were on hand with experiments exploring touch. The evening included talks and activities from neuroscience and perception to virtual reality.



Hiroyuki Kajimoto showed how whole-body haptics enrich reality, affect the feeling of presence and emotion, and induce feelings related to motion.

Then consultant neurologist Suzanne O’Sullivan  took us on a journey through the world of psychosomatic illness.