Saving the world!

On Wednesday two teams were deployed at Sherlock Unlock. They each had 60 minutes to complete their missions.

One team had to stop a devastating biological attack. Professor Nemrov had created a virus so contagious that a single infected victim could easily start a global pandemic and a  Zombie apocalypse.

While they were working on that, my team had to discover where the time traveler Walter Spiegel had disappeared to and to stop a tear in the fabric of time. Life on Earth hung in the balance!

Both teams were able to solve the puzzles and escape the rooms within 60 minutes thus saving life as we know it.


A few days later our skills were called on again.

I and my team of Secret Agents were deployed on Mission DASH 008. This time our task was to destroy a diabolical criminal organization by uncovering clues and solving puzzles. Although we didn’t win, we did complete the mission.


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