Search Party

A special treasure hunt around London was hosted by Boris Johnson in one of his last acts as London Mayor. There were four hidden trails around London’s streets and parks that led to a secret party location. Searchers had four hours to try to find their way there.

Treasure Hunters waiting for next task

The trail of clues led to a series of tasks that had to be completed. Each  clue solved yielded another clue towards the party address.

Treasure hunters were advised to dress for warmth; wear comfy shoes; and wear a splash of red!Exploring Kings Cross regenerationThe secret party was organised for 4,000 people as part of the Find Your London festival – a project aimed at encouraging more Londoners to explore their city.

Crossing the finish line welcomer

Mr Johnson told the Evening Standard : “My new festival celebrates our city’s great outdoor space from our much loved woods and parks, to our bustling high streets and town centres. There is a smorgasbord of festival events from searching for clues to locate the secret party, to launches of new markets to historical tours of our river sides.”

party entertainers - search party

The end party had afternoon tea and entertainment.



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